Terms of use

§1 General

  • The owner of the www.eibachshop.com online store is:
    Cronic ul. Włocławska 91 B-C 87-100 Toruń, Poland
    Telephone: (+48) 56 652-12-12 (English only)
    Fax: (+48) 56 654-14-14
    REGON [statistical number]: 220160012
    VAT EU [Tax Identification Number]: PL5842522954
    Entry in the Business Activity Register number: 58540
    Registration Authority: Mayor of Torun, Poland

§2 Prices

  • The prices displayed at www.eibachshop.com are exclusive of the statutory Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Value Added Tax of 23% shall be added to the price of the product after adding it to the cart, when placing the order.
  • The prices of ordered products are remain exclusive of VAT for businesses registered in the European Union and having European Tax Number. In order to learn more details, please contact us via email [ shop@eibachshop.com ]

§3 Ordering

  • Orders can placed via our online shop www.eibachshop.com.
  • Fundamental condition of realization of the order by the shop is correct completion of the order form by the Buyer.
  • After accepting the order, within 48 hours, a member of our staff shall confirm it via telephone or email. Orders, confirmation of which is unsuccessful, shall be automatically rejected.
  • The Company reserves the right to refuse realization of the order for legitimate reasons.
  • Total time of order realization is dependent on the country of delivery. Production of a roll cage takes around 5-7 days, to which the time of delivery should be to the Buyer should be added. The Buyer shall be informed on the advance of realization of placed order by email.
  • For every order the Company shall issue invoice issued to a customer or to a company and deliver it to the Buyer via email. On request of the Buyer the invoice shall be sent via traditional mail.

§4 Delivery

  • Roll cages and other accessories shall be shipped by a package delivery company.
  • The delivery charge is covered by the Buyer unless the following Terms and Conditions state otherwise.
  • Delivery charge is estimated individually during placement of the order and depends on the country of package delivery. After accepting the order, a member of our staff shall contact the Buyer via email in order to determine the amount of the delivery charge.
  • Roll cage delivery charge within the European Union shall be covered by the Company. Free of charge delivery within the European Union does not concern any other accessories than roll cages, unless they are ordered together with a roll cage and are included in one parcel.
  • The Company accepts no liability for delivery damage. Buyer has the right to inspect the parcel in the presence of a courier and in case of any damage to the parcel, to prepare a damage survey, which should be sent to us via email as it shall be the basis for your complaint.

§5 Payment

  • Payment by a bank transfer
    Following the acceptance of the order by a member of our staff, the Buyer shall make payment by a bank transfer to the Company’s bank account.
  • Payment in EURO shall be made to bank account number:
    Santander Bank Polska
    ul. Rynek 9/11
    50-950 Wroclaw
    Account number: PL12150017511217500466880000
  • Payment in GBP (pounds) shall be made to bank account number:
    Santander Bank Polska
    ul. Rynek 9/11
    50-950 Wroclaw
    Account number: PL81150017511217500455800000
  • Payment in PLN (Polish zlotys) shall be made to bank account number:
    Account number: Credit Agricole Bank: 51 1940 1076 3004 0430 0000 0000
  • Payment in USD (American dollars) shall be made to bank account number:
    Ask for details.
  • Payment by Pay Pal or credit card
    Buyer after placing the order shall be redirected to a safe website, where he or she shall complete the order via Pay Pal or credit card.
    If the Buyer choses Pay Pal as the form of payment, 4% of the value of the order shall be added its cost in order to cover the Pay Pal commission. If the Company fails to fulfill the order owing to circumstances beyond our control, the refund of payments made by the Buyer shall be reduced by the amount of commission of 4%.

§6 Return Policy

  • In accordance with the Act on protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous object of 2 nd March 2000 (Journal of Laws of Republic of Poland [Dz.U.] No. 22, item 271), the Buyer shall has the right to withdraw from the contract and returned purchased product without specifying reasons within 14 days from the date of delivery. Purchased product may only be returned if it is intact, this means that the product shall be in the original packaging, with its complete contents and that the product itself and its elements bear no signs of use.
  • If Buyer exercises the right to withdraw in accordance with subsection 1 hereof, then the Buyer should at the Buyer’s own expense return the goods to the following address: Cronic, Włocławska 91 B-C street, 87-100 Torun, Poland with a written notice concerning the withdrawal from the contract with an account number specified by the Buyer, to which the Company shall refund the payments. A copy of the written notice should be also send to CRONIC via email. Within 7 days from receiving the notice and after verification of abovementioned conditions the Company shall refund the payments to indicated account. The Company shall not accept cash on delivery (COD) parcels.
  • Abovementioned right applies exclusively to consumer sale made by means of distance communication and applies strictly to natural persons, who purchase goods unrelated to their business activity.
  • Roll cages and accessories modified on the Buyer’s request are unreturnable.
  • If the order as free of delivery charge on the basis of §4 subsection 3, and the Buyer shall return the parcel or its elements within 10 days without specifying reasons, the refund of payment shall be reduced by the delivery charge. The Buyer will have to cover the delivery charge also when he was exempt from the payment during placing the order.
  • If Buyer returns the goods within 10 days without specifying reasons, the refund of payments made by Pay Pal or credit cardl shall be reduced by the amount of 4% commission for PayPal or credit card payments respectively and by abovementioned delivery charge, if applicable.

§7 Receiving the Delivery

  • The Buyer is required to open the parcel in the presence of the courier. If the received products are defective or bear signs of mechanical damage, the Buyer is required to demand from the courier to write a damage protocol in two copies (one remaining with the Buyer). Courier should possess necessary documents, if not the Buyer is required to prepare a handwritten notice describing the condition of delivered items, their provision and packaging The notice should be dated and signed by both the Buyer and the courier.
  • Claims on the basis of mechanical damage or parcel shortages shall be considered strictly on the grounds of damage protocol written in the presence of the courier. The Buyer is required to notify the Company immediately, or at least within 72 hours, of such occurrence.
  • Accepting the parcel without reservations deprives the Buyer from the right to claim on the grounds of defect or mechanical damage.

§8 Final remarks

  • Although the Company’s staff makes efforts to ensure that information featured atwww.eibachshop.com is accurate and tested, the Company reserves the right to possible mistakes in product descriptions and pictures, especially concerning demonstrative pictures not owned by nor labeled with the logo of www.eibachshop.com.
  • The Company does not accept liability for changes introduced by the producer of goods offered by www.eibachshop.com.
  • All products offered by www.eibachshop.com are new, free of physical and legal defects, legally put on the market.
  • All products offered by www.eibachshop.com are subject to producer’s warranty.
  • The Company does not accept liability for any damage resulting from breach of delivery date or lack of delivery of the order. This applies especially to damage in the form of: production stoppage, profit loss or consequential losses resulting from not delivering appropriate goods by the due date.
  • All trademarks and products’ names used in the text are reserved for their owners and are used by the Company solely for the purpose of identification.
  • Hereby website does not constitute an offer in law.
  • If any issue not specified herein occur, the provisions of Polish Civil Code of 23 rd April 1964 apply (Journal of Laws 1964 No.16 item 93).
  • The court competent for resolving disputes resulting from the contracts of sale entered at www.eibachshop.com shall be the Polish court having jurisdiction over the registered seat of the Company.